AromaDome Healing Sessions

A  valuable way to utilize our Young Living oils and an entirely brand new healing modality. This is so exciting for me as a holistic practioner/healer because I have studied so many different healing modalities in my 20+ years and have experienced so many different kinds of healing treatments on myself. I must say we are on to something so big and so important here. I am so excited to keep hearing more and more testimonials from those that have already experienced the AromaDome.  How simple can it get?  Lie down and breathe! 

I see this opening up a whole new way of treating my clients as well and teaching them a new way of using our precious oils.
The AromaDome is a great addition to any massage menu of services or home use for families. I am excited to share the AromaDome with my clients as a way to offer deeper healing and relaxation as an added service. 

AromaDome takes the Young Living essential oils to a whole new level! When the oils are more contained such as in an AromaDome capsule, there is a much greater capacity to absorb the oils into our respiratory system, brain, blood, cells and tissues that may provide healing on all levels...emotionally, physically, and spiritually. To receive the greatest benefits of AromaDome...all you have to do is lie back, relax and BREATHE!

 The process of breathing in this manner infuses the body with all the benefits of the oils being used. Think of it as a high frequency chamber!

 Did you know that the brain registers aroma twice as fast as it does pain?

No wonder the inhalation of aromas can have such a powerful and profound effect on and in transforming body, mind and spirit. 
The limbic system works with the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and immune systems of our bodies. So it's not surprising that many people report having dramatic responses after one or more capsule sessions.

Whilst you are relaxing in the capsule I incorporate Reiki and other energy healing techniques that can help you detach from unwanted “stuff”, help you feel lighter and happier, or even actually heal some physical ailments.
You don’t have to believe in anything. The work is gentle and non-invasive – I place my hands on the souls of your feet or might not rest my hands on your body, rock you or wave my arms around you.

Energy healing can be used with conventional health care and other treatments and often makes them work better. Usually you will feel clear, balanced, relaxed and energised afterwards.

Healing can produce some amazing, transformational changes in you!

 Works great for anyone suffering from congestion, colds, flus, coughs, sinus problems, emotional issues, etc.

30 min session - $80 
6 x 30min sessions - $400 (fully pre-paid & pre-booked weekly for the 6 sessions)

Praise for the AromaDome 

AromaDome and Allergies
"You've GOT to hear this. I just had a crazy over the top allergy attack. The kind that makes you sneeze nonstop and you want to rip your nose off and eyes out. So I had an idea and tried something new. I mixed a blend of Young Living Frankincense, Lavender, Citrus Fresh, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus Radiata diffused it for 10 minutes in the Aroma Dome. My allergies are GONE! I'm not kidding! In less than 10 minutes – GONE!"
J Thomas

AromaDome and Post-viral Cough
After suffering from a post viral cough for two months I did a couple of “AromaDome” sessions with Sharon. This involved being inside a small capsule infused with pure essential blend, Sharon’s intuitive selection of the essential oils was based on my personnel history/imbalances presenting with.
At last my cough is resolving and I feel my full lung capacity returning.
I would most definitely recommend this treatment to others suffering from respiratory system imbalances. It is a very relaxing and powerful treatment.
KB, Hypnotherapist, BJ


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